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The programme is aimed at bridging the gap between theory and practice in learning, and helps students to gain pratical experience in thier different fields of study.

That includes the use of oxyacetylene cutter and arc weld. Both sides of the sheet are used in each case working from the left to the right. Every figure or table must be mentioned in the main text.

The complete final report should reach CIC before 15th May I would like to thanks to the United Plantations Berhad Ulu Bernam Engineering Department for allowing me to join the company temporally for my industrial training.

Importance of bill of quantities: Related Papers. During my internship, I interacted with not only my workmates and colleagues but also various people of distinct professions in the construction industry and many other industries and society at large.

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The training exposes students to work methods, work safety, and equipments in thier different fields. Working Up: Squaring: Squaring involves calculating and recording the areas, volumes and lengths represented by dimensions.

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