An analysis of the problem of police brutality in our society and what needs to be done

For years, there has been reports of police brutality in multiple cities across the nation.

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And as technology has evolved, so has the equipment of law enforcement. We also looked at the use of excessive force as a means for performing day-to-day police duties, depending on the functions of each particular agency. Johanna Wald is a writer and researcher who has written extensively about the school to prison pipeline and criminal and juvenile justice reform.

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Police brutality essay

Lisa H. Other case studies suggest that certain training programs and accountability structures can also help diminish police brutality. Burge was also aware that detectives he supervised engaged in torture and physical abuse of people in police custody. The resolution to the problem, according to Pretzer, lies not only in improving these unbalanced police-community relationships, but, more importantly, in eradicating the social inequalities that perpetuate these relationships that sustain distrust and frustration on both sides. Due to time and financial constraints, observation and public opinion surveys are uncommon, especially in Latin America. Twenty-six people died and many others were injured during the four days of unrest. Kutnjak, supra note 2. On the one hand, being regarded as individuals of lesser value render them "deserving" of punishment when committing an offense or showing lack of respect. A Baltimore resident by the name Freddie Gray died from a spinal injury at the hands of police during an arrest on April

Often times, police simply push the envelope in order to obtain a witness statement. Methodology Studies of the excessive use of police force have been based mainly on three types of data sources: official registers criminal investigations, reports of use of force, citizens' complaints ; observations of police behavior; and public opinion surveys.

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Sometimes their zeal leads them to use their power to make a case that otherwise would not be triable. While both preventive and criminal law enforcement agencies in Mexico City are condemned regularly for serious offenses and exceptionally poor disciplinary oversight, officers are rarely subject to prosecution - much less punishment- for brutality and other types of police misconduct.

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In sum, it is fundamental to recognize the diversity of cases involving the use of excessive force and their relation to the dynamics of law enforcement practices, including corruption, deeply-entrenched ways of handling detainees and harsh forms of "punishment" generated in response to the situational demands of police work.

As described in previous studies, this amounts to police who contract out their services to third-parties.

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To give an account of that part of the problem of excessive use of force in the Distrito Federal that derives from objectives of obtaining rent implies acknowledging the heterogeneity of the phenomenon of police violations of the right to physical integrity and, along with this, the complexity of the responses that would be necessary in order to contain it. However, the scant attention paid to the relation between corruption and the use of force at an organizational level has moved the first type motivation -using force excessively for personal or group gains- to a secondary position. At the end of , thousands of deaths resulted in accusing victims dying in police custody. The work that officers do has the potential to be very demanding and sometimes involves dangerous situations. Police use of Deadly Force in Democracies Springer, Examples of police misconduct include police brutality, dishonesty, fraud, coercion, torture to force confessions, abuse of authority, and sexual assault, including the demand for sexual favors in exchange for leniency. Trust he was the not the first who was injured or killed in police custody in Baltimore. The knapp comisssion. Municipalities, Vol. This failure to analyze the link between corruption and police brutality is a serious omission when dealing with law enforcement agencies in which widespread corruption has deep historical roots. For example, in three of four reported incidents of extortion, the complainant refused to pay what was demanded before force was used against him. Police brutality is often affiliated with racial profiling. Kappeler ed.

Examples include forced confessions; framing suspects to make them appear guilty of crimes; the excessive or unnecessary use of force; planted evidence; and false declarations or witnesses.

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Police Misconduct