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Throughout the story Elisa Allen goes through both physical and mental changes. Her husband, Henry came to see her and asked if she would like to go to the city to see dinner and movies.

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However, he turns her down with a vague answer of his life being boring and lonely for a woman like Elisa. The locale of the story is of key resemblance to the Salinas in which Steinbeck was born and bread. But at the end of the story, the reader noticed that Elisa was completely different, and it marked her epiphany influence on her.

The story starts describing the valley with the writer likening it to the pot with a fog lid. Shortly afterwards, the conversation is over and Henry approaches her wife Elisa who is busy working on the chrysanthemums.

Elisa is first portrayed as a woman whose tasks are exceeded by her abilities.

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Later, as they ride into town, Elisa asks her husband about the entertainment fights, that do women participate and go watch as well. The businessmen had come to discuss a deal with Henry. The only satisfaction Elisa gets out of life is being in her garden with her "family" of chrysanthemums.

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Who wrote this essay? The message driven by Elisa, although symbolic, reflects love and affection to Tinker. Are these essay examples edited?

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Elisa Allen's Character Analysis in the Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck