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For each weekly reading assignment, you need to have at least one entry per chapter. The page should be divided into two columns: the left column being the quote itself with a brief contextual introduction, and the right a brief explanation of the character attribute conveyed in the quote.

In order to participate in class discussions and activities it is mandatory that you keep up with the reading.

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This is how you will set up each week's entry: Chapter : Title goes here the chapters are not titled, you will make this up Text and main ideas Reactions and details Quote goes here — you may quote a phrase, sentence, Your reaction goes here — opinion, question, comment, or section of the text.

How many entries do I need?

To kill a mockingbird important quotes

Still ashamed of him? In this was trying to impose them on me: several times quote, Scout explains her frustration and confusion that he went so far as to tell me what to do. This quote signifies that one sibling is growing up while the other struggles to understand it. What is a Dialectical Journal? Here Scout is talking to herself on the response she thought she would get if she tried to talk to Mrs. Also include proper This reaction should be real, candid, parenthetical documentation Author page honest, and school appropriate. This shows the reader that Scouts emotions can be changed by such a little action as her father being a marksman of great skill. You are not limited to the topics below, this is merely a starting point. Due Dates The chart below reflects the reading assignments and due dates. This is Miss Maudie asking Scout if she still thought her dad was lame after figuring out that he was the best marksman in town. There are MANY examples to include in your journal, so 2 is the minimum. Related documents. He is changing and growing up. Stephanie Crawford is talking to Jem about what Boo had done.

This quote is very important because it makes scout think differently about her father, now she can brag about him just like the kids at school brag about their fathers. In this section, record quotes that contain unique Demonstrate insight and analysis!

What is a Dialectical Journal?

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You need to have at least 2 entries per chapter. Each quote should be followed with a parenthetical citation of the page number.

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To kill a mockingbird and a dialectical journal