Disadvantages of the internet

Developed countries created the environment using internet for the development of students creativity and entrepreneurship. It has the great benefits for society. Internet connectivity is the chief reason behind the power of social media for stronger public opinion. Artificial intelligence is proving quite beneficial for society.

The accessibility of the Internet has opened the world to people by stripping away geographical barriers and sharing information instantaneously. To compete or to participate in international markets our students need competitive leadership skills such as patience, knowledge, creativity and business mindset.

The Internet and online games facilitate communication with others. Hope you enjoyed this article, do make sure to let me know your views and how these disadvantages of the Internet can be avoided!

disadvantages of intranet

But little do people know it almost has the same consequences as physical bullying, as it is the most common cause linked to depression, leading to suicide. Next 10 results after that are optional, low priority according to search engines.

Information is spreading quite faster. Any job vacancy, emergency news, ideas etc. It means Internet created a national challenge for developing countries- when there are 1 listener and speakers. Now, with the help of Internet the it has been made quite easier to send and receive payments anywhere in the world.

disadvantages of internet in education
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What are the disadvantages of the Internet?