Examining the strategic performance management of askari bank ltd

As the number of customers increased over time, there was a need of more advanced departments with the latest technology. In such cases, a low appraisal rating for initiative may not mean that an employee lacks initiative.

Researches on conflict management

You can use critical incident technique in order to do interview. However after the death of the client, only necessary information is available to its family after fulfilling the requirement of the bank. Even though the people have been sacrificed in the new organizational developments, it is becoming clear that the true lasting competitive advantage comes through human resources and how they are managed. A senior employee gives them the necessary guidance as well as the demonstration on how to perform the job. True north: Discover your authentic leadership. The objective is to put in place an efficient banking system supportive to economic justice and welfare of society in line with Shariah standards. Threat of substitute products They may develop substitute products which they can the same need of customer. Banks operate using the offers they make to provide services over and above in response to the deposits they get from their customers. Vacancy publish in newspaper Applications received and scanned Eligible candidates are called for written test Group Discussion Individual interview 3. Also disbursement of loans to the customers is quite easy and convenient. What makes a leader. The objective of this review is to help grasping the idea of key success factors of the banking industry such as, market size, market growth rate, market profitability, distribution channels and market trends. Leadership and performance.

Following sources of collecting secondary data are given below: 1. In order to measure the performance, we can assign the weight to it will become weighted check list, it will help to check the performance and this practical is standard.

Basically it is the type of aggregate forecasting of employee needs.

Hypothesis of conflict management

That there is no Significant different between the opinion of male and female respondents on the causes of Conflict. Consequently, the net book value per share of the Bank increased to Rs. Another level need is interpersonal need, where the human wants to get good interactions with family, friends and possessions for so that individuals can satisfy the necessity for love and love. The aggregate increase in operating expenses contained at They provide medical facility to the employees. The staff members are also se4nt for courses organized by outside organizations. Various departments like Strategic and Marketing Department, Operations Departments and Electronic Technology Division provide regular updates on industries, stock market trends and report crucial findings to the senior management for decision making process. The major weakness of study is that it focus on sample size which does not give a comprehensive view on conflicts due to constraint of time and so that reseach was carried out only on Askari banks. Its banking operations commenced from November 1st , Askari Bank Limited 2. At the end of the week the extract of all the transactions is sent to the head office. Screen out candidates: 4. Now it's the role of management of the organization to all the hygienic factors to prevent the dissatisfaction of employees as well as ensure the provision of factors that cause the desire and satisfaction among employees.

Competition in banking in Pakistan is very much intense and every bank, whether foreign or Pakistani, tries to increase their deposits by providing better facilities to its customers. Give Full ; Final Settlement 3.

Internship reports, different memos and through the internet from Askari Bank Limited website 4.

empirical study of the effect of conflict on organizational performance in nigeria

Various departments like Strategic and Marketing Department, Operations Departments and Electronic Technology Division provide regular updates on industries, stock market trends and report crucial findings to the senior management for decision making process.

It is pertinent to mention that a number of Banks, Leasing Companies and Private Agencies have geared their marketing efforts to concentrate on and have mainly captured the urban markets.

The amount of cash prizes is not fixed.

Examining the strategic performance management of askari bank ltd

The major increase was in current and saving accounts CASA , which climbed by But this model cannot applied in my own organization as many functions in my company is outsources, and management hasn't have direct control. Neatness, thoroughness and accuracy of work Knowledge of job. All employees get access to the management for recommendations and improvement requirements through electric and print out mediums. In my firm, line managers do not show the performance appraisal and advised increments with employees, they regard this as a routine job which must be changed. Training goals were determined in light of well defined training need assessments TNA procedures as envisaged in the overall strategic plan of the bank. The duration of this training varies from three day to three weeks, and training courses include lectures, movies, diagrams and reading materials about the latest techniques and equipment. The ambivalence of superiors and subordinates has led to the vanishing performance appraisal. Rivalry among existing firms When the rate of industry growth is slow and competitors are few.

Furthermore it also ensures the supervisory skills of professionals how will they answer the quarries of employees about the performance appraisal. Positive discipline.

Case study on conflict management in the workplace

Such services pose a serious threat to the banking industry as money transfer is one of the main services provided by the banks. The longitudinal approach in a different time period might provide another perception of the conflict management strategies under different situation and time. Askari Bank as being owned by the army, collects the salary cheques of army personnel and presents them to State Bank of Pakistan and upon realization credits the respective accounts of the army officers. The customers are valued and are provided with excellent services. The management and board of directors of the bank decided to change the name of the bank from Askari Commercial Bank Limited to simply Askari Bank Limited. It made several arrangements with various multi-national banks and exchange companies to promote home remittances in the country. In line with Shariah requirements, the Bank ensures that the funds and products of Islamic Banking are explicitly managed without any intermingle with the conventional banking business.

Another threat may be from other financial services institutions, for example if an insurance company can start the mortgage loans etc. Also includes Extension of loans.

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