Facilitate group effectiveness

facilitation skills for trainers

Some things to consider are: Chair arrangements: Having chairs in a circle or around a table encourages discussion, equality, and familiarity. A common structure for facilitated discussions is to apply Divergent and Convergent Thinking: First, you help the group broaden their horizons and generate new ideas or solutions.

How and when will break-out groups' feedback to the wider group? Facilitation is an interesting, rewarding and important role to take on.

Then, have each pair introduce each other to the group. Also, basic verbal tools, such as paraphrasing, referring back and summarising help a lot to show the group that their thoughts are being heard. Learn how to plan well, keep members involved, and create real leadership opportunities in your organization and skills in your members.

If not, how can you bring them in? To guide and control the meeting, you will need to: Set the ground rules — What rules should participants follow in the meeting?

Facilitate group effectiveness

Give each participant a survey and have the participants interview each other to find the answers. Some groups have little need for this kind of help. A good rule of thumb is that a vote must pass by a two-thirds majority for it to be a valid decision. For example, pre-write instructions on a flipchart paper or on a powerpoint slide. Keep up the momentum and energy — You might need to intervene as the proceedings and energy levels proceed. Yes, to a degree. As a facilitator, you want to create a participative atmosphere where everyone is involved. If energy levels are beginning to flag, perhaps it's time to take a break?

Listen carefully. If necessary, ask for a five-minute break to confer with key leaders or participants on how to handle the issue and how to restructure the agenda. When doing introductions and icebreakers, it's important to remember: Every participant needs to take part in the activity.

When you find out, be clear about what will and won't be covered in this meeting.

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Tips & Techniques for Facilitating Groups