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Conclusion The conclusion is where you form a summary of all your arguments so you can arrive at your final position. Although Jorge had enclosed the material in quotation marks, he knew it was not an appropriate way to use the research in his paper. If you find yourself struggling to write an engaging introduction, you may wish to write the body of your paper first. Checklist Use quotations sparingly for greater impact. Some studies estimate that approximately 40 million Americans, or about 20 percent of the population, are attempting to restrict their intake of food high in carbohydrates Sanders and Katz, ; Hirsch, State why the main idea is important — Tell the reader why he or she should care and keep reading. Fair Use In recent years, issues related to the fair use of sources have been prevalent in popular culture. As an added note, the introduction is usually written in present tense. A writer who procrastinates may rush through a draft, which easily leads to sloppy paraphrasing and inaccurate quotations. You won't be able to rely on such assistance all the time; that is why you have to learn how to write every page of the paper on your own. The data provided by them may be outdated. Tip Writers often work out of sequence when writing a research paper. Quoting directly can sometimes help you make a point in a colorful way. For this assignment, you will use the citation format used by the American Psychological Association also known as APA style.

Organization In writing, a quality that describes the paper proceeding logically from the introduction to the body paragraphs to the conclusion. Your conclusion ties your research to your thesis, binding together all the main ideas in your thinking and writing. It is simpler than a term paper or dissertation.

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Sample outlines for research papers will follow. If so, you will want to add some elements to your conclusion section. The introduction uses a general-to-specific movement in its organization, establishing the thesis and setting the context for the conversation.

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Summary In three recent studies, researchers compared outcomes for obese subjects who followed either a low-carbohydrate diet, a low-fat diet, or a Mediterranean diet and found that subjects following a low-carbohydrate diet lost more weight in the same time Howell, The introduction is the broad beginning of the paper that answers three important questions: What is this?

Take a moment to explain why you believe those points support your case.

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Writing a Research Paper