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The church either ran the land or had a strangle hold on the people.

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Families are people that give a person support and help them find their identities. Culture includes what the family does on a daily basis and traditions. My parents oversee the family to ensure that everybody attends to maintain the unity and stability in the family.

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The values that I believe in play a very important role in my life. More important, they learn key values from the family and steadily individuals adapt those values to the extent that those values become their individual values.

What values and traditions are the most important in modern families? That statement may be true; however, there are different cultures within the same country, even within the same city.

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Traditions have always had a substantial effect on the lives of human beings, and always will Essay Words 2 Pages Traditions have always had a substantial effect on the lives of human beings, and always will.

I hope this essay on family helped you to realize how much important it is to keep and follow family traditions and values.

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Like most peoples families there is a dynamic of people involved, although all from the same environment and teachings, it is ultimately an accumulation of personal experiences that shape us and defines how we perceive our existence In my culture, family is given the first importance. This leads to limited freedom in career choices and no independence, particularly for women. If family members begin eating separately, this is a bad sign. Elizabeth, the wife, assumes the role of a homemaker and caregiver by having submissive qualities. I feel that the rebuilding of family values will enable children to become responsible adults and leaders How Many Pages is Words? The king was the closest thing to God on earth
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