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I would go with the service. Just go with one that's been recommended. Rush passport services are no exception. This may sound logical, but the reasoning is flawed.

Now your passport is in processing with the expediter and a regional passport agency. Passport Validation Services Scams When driving across borders, travelers are often greeted by billboards for "welcome centers" prior to entering a nation.

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What to do before Purchasing Expedited Passport Services? If this is not possible due to the location of the passport agency or no appointment is available then we recommend finding a reliable passport expeditor from our passport expediting directory.

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Fortunately, there are 13 regional passport agencies -- New York has one -- whose sole mission, currently, is to handle this passport backlog. More like 3. In the end, I decided to go with an expediting service. You can apply for an expedited passport yourself. What to do before Purchasing Expedited Passport Services? If the expeditor is not even listed with the BBB, this is a very bad sign. Consumer Tips: How to Avoid Visa and Passport Service Scams Online Just like any other field that involves travelers, businesses, and money that switches hands, the travel document expediting market also has its fair share of scammers, fraudsters and cybercriminals that operate online and look for potential victims. I would go with the service. This is a privately owned website and not a government agency. These companies would be able to obtain your expedited passport. There is no way to guarantee the exact processing and delivery times for a passport application.

Usually, fees will vary depending on how fast the customer needs his or her travel papers to be ready. Are Passport Expediting Services Legitimate?

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There are a decent amount of them scattered throughout the US and can usually have your passport ready in about 2 weeks. The combination of these factors should determine whether a passport expediting service is worth the cost to you, not blind speculation.

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I'll be traveling in less then a month, and, like a total dumbass, I've put off getting my passport. How long is the company in business? Scam artists are aware of this fact, and often target new international travelers and their passports before they leave home. Therefore, "passport validation" services are little more than a passport scam, where travelers pay money to be told their passport is valid. Call the number and make sure someone picks up the phone, and customer services are being provided. Which is worth it because expediting through the post office or wherever was going to still take 4 weeks they said there is apparently a new system in place that they have to yet to figure out completely. When you need a passport fast

What is the cancellation policy? There is no way to guarantee the exact processing and delivery times for a passport application. If the applicant were to appear in person, the passport agency will give the passport directly to the applicant just as fast as the passport expediting company.

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Are Passport Expediting Services Legitimate?