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It is truly said by our elders that health is wealth. Do it all at once or in chunks as short as five to 10 minutes. But when the weather is really harsh or the streets slippery, put safety first and walk down long hallways, in a mall, or on the stairs see box.

Meaning that main causes of this affliction are ones that you can control.

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Nearly a third of children aged two to 15 are now classed as either overweight or obese. And the benefit was greatest in the heaviest individuals. Whatever your stage of life, there are plenty of different exercise options to try. However, the maintenance of health and fitness requires regular physical exercise with balanced diet. But intense workouts carry a risk for injury, and aerobic exercise is hard work. Keep your arms close to your torso, bent at the elbow. As the old adage goes, health is wealth; maintaining and enhancing body and mind not only provides health benefits, but can also help us in the long run. Mitchell Whaley found that "individuals with low aerobic capacity have a higher risk of developing premature coronary artery decease that those who were more fit. It is proved with studies that people who are more fit and healthy achieve greater success in life. But many of these studies lump various forms of exercise together to investigate how the total amount of physical activity influences health. Getting healthy and fit body and mind requires lots of patience, time, commitment, goal, believe, and a strong mind to face all the struggles. If a person has unhealthy mind, he cannot has an unhealthy body.

Keep a check on your body weight as well as your waist line. There are a couple of benefits behind me researching the diseases throughout my family history including that I can learn what is prevalent which may put me at risk of contracting it, it can help me change my lifestyle to prevent or lower my chances, and help me prepare for what may arise.

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If you have an average stride length, count 2, steps as about a mile of walking. It provides ability to perform physical actions without being tired or restless.

Ready, set, walk. Exercise benefits everyone No matter what their age, everyone benefits from exercise. At any speed, walkers have one foot on the ground at all times, but runners are entirely airborne during some part of every stride.

My hobby is running essay

Cohen says "A growing body of evidence suggest that physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, particularly colon and breast cancer. Mitchell Whaley found that "individuals with low aerobic capacity have a higher risk of developing premature coronary artery decease that those who were more fit. What goes up must come down. And the benefit was greatest in the heaviest individuals. Being fit should be our first aim of living a healthy lifestyle. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to promote a healthy eating pattern and help reduce the risks of diseases though the nutrients intake. The brain, specifically the hypothalamus, along with the cerebral hemisphere works closely with physiological stimulation. All the volunteers provided information on their exercise habits and other known predictors of mortality. To learn if the effects of exercise depend on genetics and early family life, doctors in Finland studied nearly 16, same-sex twins. By becoming more active throughout your day, you can quite easily achieve the recommended activity levels. Obesity Essay 2 words Obesity is mostly the outcome of a combination of two things — regular intake of excessive food and absence of physical activity. It may be as simple as walking to and from the shops instead of getting in the car. Health and fitness of any person helps in: Decreases the risk of diseases high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, colon cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, stroke, breast cancer, etc.

After all, doing some physical activity is better than doing none at all. If you have lower back pain, certain exercises can help to ease it and reduce the chance of it coming back. This causal argument will cover the topic of obesity, why it is important and how it has become major issue in America today.

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Essay on Health and Fitness for Children and Students