The distorted and delusional world of

delusional disorder

Later inafter being discharged from the hospital, WI was convinced that he had been taken to hell after dying of either AIDS or sepsis. The puzzling matter is that they do not seem interested in following fashion trends, but to hide their bodies under floating and big clothes, frequently of dark colours, with rather a monotonous and stereotyped style, and without any joyful attention to their images.

The key feature of a delusion is the degree to which the person is convinced that the belief is true. Published AN genome-wide association studies have yet to show significant findings for AN.

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Deficits in dopamine function have been reported in AN, specifically, reduced levels of cerebrospinal fluid homovanilic acid and altered dopamine receptor functioning Classification of anorectic patients according to the degree of delusionality of body image beliefs could facilitate further research on the role of insight deficits. This viewpoint states that the emotional bodily experiences represent highly threatening experiences that patients are unable to cope with, due to their vulnerable self-organisation. Phenomenology of delusions in anorexia nervosa Phenomenological research has distinguished four main domains to describe belief intensity: action linked with some behaviours , distress related to negative affects such as depression or anxiety , preoccupation how often the belief is focused on and conviction how strongly the belief is held. However, ED patients who develop a stable psychosis would preserve psychopathological phenomena of the feeding syndrome Therefore, they recover the sense of security and control by retreating their bodies as objects, relieving them of coping with daily life affective and emotional stimuli. This first distinction emphasizes whether the belief is delusional in nature or merely overvalued. Body image disturbance: delusion or defence mechanism?

Differential diagnosis Psychotic disorders A close relationship between a previous psychotic structure and AN symptomatology has been observed, with weight loss contributing to exacerbate both delusions and hallucinations It may also be observed in schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, which could be related to temporo-parietal lesions of the non-dominant brain hemisphere This objective element conceived in its widest sense we call psychic content and the mode Art in which the subject is presented with the object be it a perception, a mental image or thought we call the form.

The aim of this article is to conduct a comprehensive review of the literature on delusional features displayed by some patients suffering from AN, emphasizing a holistic view of its psychotic features from phenomenological, neurobiological and clinical dimensions. For me, it is pushing the blame on others for my emotional turmoil… most of the time my wife gets to play that happy role.

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