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The flight of the man they call Air Jordan had been rocked by controversy. Stricken by a migraine headache, he was blinking his eyes madly before the game and putting an ice pack on his head during time-outs. Even his teammates wondered what was going on. And now, facing the Pistons inhe was coming off a series against the 76ers in the second round of the playoffs that was unbelievable even by his own amazing standards.

He posted up and buried jumpers.

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And while Thomas is not considered a good defender because he doesn't like to play a helping game, whenever the Bulls play Detroit he is quick to double-team Jordan. The Cavaliers had won fifty-seven games that season to the Bulls' forty-seven, and they were against the Bulls, even winning the last game of the regular season despite resting their starters while the Bulls played theirs. After Game 5, the Bulls still hadn't. In Game 3, they did. The city of was awash in spring -- all two hours of it, as the old-time residents like to say -- but Jordan wasn't feeling very sunny. Detroit simply beat up Jordan, battering him through picks and screens whenever he tried to move. He shot nearly 55 percent in If one guy did everything, we wouldn't be a team. Jordan was left to consider the loss. As Jordan slipped on a sheer, brown floral shirt, his father, James, leaned over. Jordan promised that the Bulls would win the Cleveland series anyway. He wasn't general manager, but if he were The pursuit of excellence Pistons players talked about being mentally tough, saying that now the games would go to whoever played the hardest, whoever was a champion.

Let the better team win. Jordan believed his team had let him down when he was hurt.

The jordan rules book report

So following Thursday's practice Jordan did as he was told, exiting through the front door but ignoring the waiting media. And now, facing the Pistons in , he was coming off a series against the 76ers in the second round of the playoffs that was unbelievable even by his own amazing standards. The Bulls' chances were as bleak as Chicago in February. Jordan still wasn't granting mass interviews by his locker after the game. The Pistons had lost two straight in the playoffs for the first time in two years. The Bulls had gathered for practice at the Deerfield Multiplex, a tony health club about thirty-five miles north of Chicago, to try to get themselves back into the series. It had been a two-part plan. In the Cubs finally won a piece of a baseball tide, but it was the Detroit Tigers who won the World Series, just as they had in , the year of the Cubs' last World Series appearance. The score was at halftime and the game was over. He was reluctantly allowed to return with only fifteen games remaining in the regular schedule. The Bulls had to get better. Now's our chance and we're gonna do it.

And so Jordan left the game without speaking to anyone, leaving the media scrambling for reasons and teammates searching for answers.

Detroit had made a habit of beating Chicago. The result was no longer in doubt, as the third quarter turned into a Jordanfest. Cartwright had worn down and would need knee surgery, and Hodge also would go under the knife.

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Much of it stems from an alleged freeze-out of Jordan in the All-Star game, when Thomas and other players apparently conspired to keep Jordan from getting the ball -- and their paths have continued to cross along with their swords.

The Bulls' play was to get the game above points, so they trapped Thomas and Dumars into 12 turnovers and Jordan was brilliant in scoring 42 more in a win. They complained to the league but got no action.

The Pistons were now in the playoffs over the past two seasons, with the Bulls having defeated them four times.

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