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Retrieved 21 March He angrily commands the winds to return to Aeolus, and proclaims that he, Neptune, King Latinus is greatly displeased with Turnus, but steps down and allows the war to commence. Latinus allows Aeneas into his kingdom and encourages him to become a suitor of Lavinia, his daughter, causing resentment and eventually war among his subjects.

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Even Juno will change her mind and love Rome. He defames the sanctity of death by stepping on Pallas's body after killing him and he acts dishonorably by removing the swordbelt from the dead man's body.

This suggests that legends in the age after Virgil came to identify Turnus "as a legendary figure like Aeneas, Romulus" Langeberde ", and Brutus". Virgil's Aeneid[ edit ] Prior to Aeneas' arrival in Italy, Turnus was the primary potential suitor of Laviniathe only daughter of LatinusKing of the Latin people.

When he is aroused by the fury, Allecto, to stage war between the Latins and Trojans, thereby forestalling destiny the settlement of the Trojans in Latium and Aeneas's marriage to LaviniaTurnus's character flaws become evident.

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She asks When Aeneas and Dido join a hunting group tomorrow, Saturn Chronos in Greek mythology was king of Olympus until his son Jupiter overthrew him. Venus Aphrodite in Greek mythology is a benefactor of the Trojans. She is also referred to as Cytherea, after Cythera, the island where she was born and where her shrine is located. Enraged, Aeneas seeks out the Rutulian King with full intent of killing him. He says the Trojans will leave peacefully if he falls, but

In Book XII, Aeneas and Turnus duel to the death; Aeneas gains the upper hand amidst a noticeably Iliad -esque chase sequence Turnus and Aeneas run around the lines of men several times, similar to the duel of Achilles and Hectorwounding Turnus in the thigh.

During the War between the Latins and the Trojans along with several other Trojan allies, including King Evander 's ArcadiansTurnus proves himself to be brave but hot-headed.

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