Why communication campaigns adapt over time

This makes it simple to listen to the multitudes of voices, connect with them and forge personal rapport with them by understanding their plight, assimilating their opinions and responding honestly to their questions and comments.

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Identify your purpose. How do you want to communicate it? In addition, the EU financed national awareness campaigns in its Member States.

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Who will lose what, and who will gain what by your use of financial and human resources? See how we utilized this strategy to help PowWow Mobile increase brand visibility and drive qualified leads. What does this mean for in-house marketers? Communication objectives should focus on addressing the key constraint, or biggest communication challenges, the team identified refer to the Brief Summary of Analyses the team prepared. Generally, the group with the highest rank is the best choice for a primary audience. Step 4: Select Audiences While the situation and audience analyses identified potential audiences for the program, it is during the development of the communication strategy that final decisions are made as to the priority and influencing audiences. Demographics are simply basic statistical information about people, such as gender, age, ethnic and racial background, income, etc. How will you actually distribute your message? Awareness raising addresses the knowledge of individuals and organisations. Invest in and value the power you can leverage with this sometimes underestimated medium. Social platforms have helped political parties increase the voter base and open communication to a point that people everywhere can ask questions, make their opinions visible and go directly to the candidates for answers. For example… Any social marketing for political campaigns should also take into account optimal timing for social media engagement —for instance, when your core audience is active online, the messages and events promoted should take advantage of those opportune moments. Review the theories included in the Resources section to gain an in-depth understanding of the common theories. They have helped to change attitudes about adult learners, and to bring information about adult literacy and learning into the community 4. In , the EU paid addition efforts to Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, where national awareness campaigns have not yet been implemented.

The answers to these questions constitute your action plan, what you need to do in order to communicate successfully with your audience. A crucial word on your posters or in your brochure can be misspelled, or a reporter might get important information wrong.

Conclusion We know that the population of voters and the various avenues for influencing that population become wider when leveraging social media for political campaigns. Channels of communication What does your intended audience read, listen to, watch, engage in?

Do you have the people to make it possible? Once the strategy team has decided on a priority audience and its influencing audiences, develop audience profiles for each.

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How to Develop a Communication Strategy