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Make up a new holiday. Write a song The easiest way to write a song as a class is to take a well-known melody from a current pop song and ask students to adapt it. What color is the rock? Ever so slowly, the shadowy figure Strike a pose Play a song and tell students to freeze and strike a pose when the music stops. Somebody stole it from your home. You can adjust the time for the length of the class period. You can adapt it for the classroom by having students guess historical figures or characters from literature. Each sentence should include one vocabulary work. Can you manage? Pair up and quiz each other Students can use review questions provided in their textbooks, by their teacher, or that they come up with on their own. Iambic pentameter is a good sing-songy choice. The stories will turn out a bit ridiculous, amusing students as they learn their vocab words.

Just before the bell rang, Always treat learning reflections as part of the lesson, not as an addendum, to encourage students to do their best work. Ideas for Long-Term Substitute Teachers These movement-based activities for elementary classrooms work best for subs who are confident in classroom management and have gotten permission to use them with school administrators.

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The cackles of witches flying overhead? You continue this cycle until each student in the group has served as writer and has added to the story.

Once those decisions are made, start the clock!

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Clear an area in the center of the room and select a leader to start. Writing about the holidays or other special events is a great opportunity to engage students in descriptive writing. Of course you say "yes" and then you hear: "The teacher left no lesson plans.

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You might give them a specific topic to discuss — a hobby, pet, or a family member.

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72+ Tips, Templates, and Classroom Resources for Substitute Teachers